Sexual Assault Lawyer Sydney

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Our sexual assault lawyer in Sydney has the strength, experience, and expertise to help you access the compensation for the trauma you have received. We are a personal injury law firm with over 20 years of experience. Our team offers legal advice and services with a personable and approachable touch. Our founder, Principal Solicitor Mary Moloney, will be involved in your case from beginning to end. Our office in Sydney’s CBD is easily accessible. However, we are happy to travel to your home, office, or hospital to discuss your case.

Being a sexual assault victim is traumatising and confusing. For this reason, we will act with professionalism and compassion. We will ensure you understand your position by explaining the complexities of the law to create a relationship where you feel valued and understood. You can rest assured that we will care for you and fight for your rights.

No-Win, No-Fee Sexual Assault Lawyer in Sydney

If you have been sexually abused, our sexual assault lawyers in Sydney can help you claim compensation for the injuries you suffered. The compensation will either be from the individual that carried out the abuse or an institution like a school. The effects of sexual abuse can be long-standing and significantly affect your mental well-being, interpersonal relationships and employment.
You can claim under the National Redress Scheme or common law. An individual can claim under the National Redress Scheme for the following reasons;

  • If the sexual abuse happened while under the age of 18 years
Sexual Assault Lawyer Sydney
Sexual Assault Lawyer Sydney

  • If the abuse occurred while in the care of an institution participating in the Redress Scheme
  • You are an Australian citizen or permanent resident

You may be entitled to a redress payment of up to $150000, psychological counselling, and a direct response from the institution responsible for the abuse. You can qualify to claim under common law if you do not meet the criteria for National Redress Scheme. However, you cannot receive payment under the Redress Scheme and bring the same claim under common law.

Contacting Our Sexual Assault Lawyer in Sydney

Our expert sexual assault lawyer in Sydney can deal with all aspects of your compensation claim while remaining sympathetic and available. We deal with such cases daily, so we know what we are doing and can gather the evidence to get the best results. At MTM Legal, we operate under a “no win, no fee” system, meaning we will not charge you if we lose the case. We are a caring team, and we will treat you like a family member.

We have a straightforward process with our clients. First, our team will briefly chat with you on the phone to determine whether we are the right fit for you. We will then meet on Zoom or in person to discuss and develop the case. Our team will then collect evidence and determine what compensation you deserve.

Sexual Assault Lawyer Sydney

Our sexual assault lawyer in Sydney understands what you are going through and will ensure the process is as seamless as possible. Call us today.

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