If you have suffered injury in one of the below situations, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Motor Accident Claims Icon

There are different rules depending on the date of your motor vehicle accident. Injuries from a road accident can be either physical injuries or psychological injuries or a combination of both and ...

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Public Liability Claims Icon

If you have suffered personal injury in a public area such as on a street, a carpark, in a shopping centre or shop or even in someone’s home and if that injury is due to the negligence (fault) of another...

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Medical Negligence Claims Icon

If you suffered personal injury due to medical treatment or advice provided by a health professional or a hospital you may be entitled to compensation for the injury you have suffered as a result...

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Work Injury Claims Icon

If you have been injured while at work, you may be entitled to compensation under the NSW Workers Compensation Scheme. Your injury may be sudden, such as from an accident, or happen ...

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Disability Insurance Claims Icon

Many of us have Disability Insurance Cover under our Superannuation Schemes and sometimes we have it as part of holding a credit card. Likewise, many of us have private disability insurance...

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Sexual Abuse Claims Icon

If you have been sexually abused you may be able to claim for the injury you suffered as a result of that abuse, either from the individual that carried out the abuse or from an institution (e.g., a school), if the abuse took place while you ...

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