Public Liability Lawyers Sydney

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At MTM Legal, our public liability lawyers in Sydney will help you cut through the confusing process of recovering compensation for your injuries. Our team will be with you every step to explain your options and keep you informed. A public injury can cause physical pain, psychological stress, and monetary loss. Trying to recover compensation can be challenging, especially since knowing who is at fault or who owed you a duty of care is confusing. Fortunately, MTM Legal is experienced in these cases. We handle them daily to know where to start and collect evidence.

We understand that you may have suffered injuries that limit your mobility. So, we are happy to visit you at home or in the hospital to discuss your case and explain the complexities of the law. You can rest assured that we will represent and treat you like we would a family member.

How Our Public Liability Lawyers in Sydney Can Help

Our public liability lawyers in Sydney can help you in many situations. Examples of public liability claims include slips and falls in supermarkets, trips on the streets, an attack by a dog in a public or private house, and injury in a rental property. These claims also include sexual abuse, injury from playing sports and injury in the school environment.

The injury claim begins by sending a Letter of Demand to the person or business considered at fault. Once the injury is established, we will gather evidence and prepare a schedule of the compensation you are entitled to claim based on the evidence gathered. Next, our team sends the schedule to the insurer, who can agree to negotiate or ignore the offer. If the insurer is unwilling to negotiate or pay the claim, the only way to move your case forward is to lodge a claim with the court. Remember that you must lodge your claim with the court within three years of the date of your injury.

Public Liability Lawyers Sydney
Public Liability Lawyers Sydney

Contacting Our Public Liability Lawyers in Sydney

Since each case is unique, our public liability lawyers in Sydney offer personalised services. We take a detailed history of your case from the beginning so we understand how the injury has affected you. This will help us determine the compensation you are entitled to claim. You can also allow us to obtain details from your family and friends about how the accident affected you. Most people often ask about the period the claim will take. We recommend that your claim be finalised when your injuries have stabilised.

Our team will gather the evidence needed to prove your loss and compensation while you concentrate on getting your health back. We operate on a “no win, no fee” system, meaning we will not charge you if we lose the case. So, you do not have to worry about how you will pay our lawyers.

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