Medical Negligence Lawyers Sydney

About Our Medical Negligence Lawyers in Sydney

If you believe that your hospital or doctor has failed you and you suffer injury due to their breach of duty, call our medical negligence lawyer in Sydney. We will listen to you, collect evidence and advice you whether you have a claim for compensation. MTM Legal is a personal injury law firm with over 20 years of experience. We are located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, so it is easy to access our office. The founder, Mary Moloney. Mary started working in the personal injury field in 1998 and has been an accredited specialist since the mid-2000s.

We work as a team to ensure that you get the best outcome for you. Our team understands that you may not be able to come to our office due to your injuries. So, we will meet you if you wish at your home, at the hospital or hold a Zoom meeting. Take the stress out of bringing forward a claim – let the experts at MTM Legal help you with your legal claim.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Sydney

When to Call Our Medical Negligence Lawyers in Sydney

Medical negligence can take many forms, which is why you need the help of our lawyers in Sydney. When you visit a hospital, you expect high-quality care and treatment. However, some cases fall below the standard and can significantly impact your health. Examples of medical negligence include:

  • Misdiagnosis
    This occurs when a medical professional fails to diagnose what condition a patient is suffering from. This may lead to the medical professional prescribing the wrong treatment or none, worsening your condition.
  • Surgery Negligence
    These are mistakes that should never happen. For instance, leaving foreign objects in a patient, operating on the wrong area of your body, or doing the surgery incorrectly.
Medical Negligence Lawyers Sydney

  • Prescription Errors
    A medical professional may give you the wrong medication or dosage. The consequences can be severe and range from more health problems to death.
  • Long-Term Negligent Treatment
    Some medical conditions need long-term treatment and care. However, a medical professional may fail to monitor the patient properly or not schedule the correct follow-up appointment.
  • While a driver or passenger in a car, truck, tractor, forklift etc.
  • As a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle
  • As a cyclist hit by a motor vehicle
  • As a motorcyclist and a pillion passenger
  • Due to a blameless accident while driving a car – e.g., being hit by a falling tree

Our lawyers understand all the laws that apply to your claim, and by enlisting our team, you will increase the odds of winning your case and recovering maximum compensation.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Sydney

Your Experienced Medical Negligence Lawyers in Sydney

The medical negligence lawyers have helped Sydney residents for many years. We deal with personal injury claims and are proud of our work. We are a caring team and treat our clients with kindness. We know that you are going through a stressful time. We want you to feel assured knowing that you are receiving professional representation from lawyers that care.

MTM Legal has extensive experience in this field since we only practice in this area of law. We work on these cases daily. People who come to us have experienced injury from medical negligence, assault, a motor car accident, workplace incident and accidents in public places, e.g. shopping centres. We will handle your case efficiently and effectively.

You can rest easy knowing that you are with one of Sydney’s most experienced medical negligence lawyers. Call us today.

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