Privacy Policy

MTM Legal is bound by the Australian National Privacy Principles.

This policy explains how MTM Legal collects and uses information that is obtained in the course of investigating a potential claim and once retained to act on a claim.

The information provided to MTM Legal is stored on computer and paper files. We take all reasonable precautions to ensure the information collected is securely stored.

We cannot guarantee the security of personal information and do not accept liability if, in spite of our efforts, loss is suffered due to a breach of privacy.

MTM Legal collects your personal information for the purpose of providing a legal service to you.

The personal information collected by MTM Legal is generally names, addresses including email addresses, contact phone numbers, date of birth, family history, employment details including earnings and medical history.

This information is generally collected by way of face-to-face meetings and phone conferences with you and by requesting records from:

  • Health professionals you have attended,
  • Employers,
  • The tax department,
  • Centrelink,
  • Medicare, and
  • Your Private Health Fund.

There are times when we will be required by law to disclose personal information, for example by court orders or by statutory notices to provide information and/or documents.

MTM Legal may disclose information to third parties to obtain advice from experts. This may sometimes involve consulting with overseas experts.

You can access your personal information by making a written request to MTM Legal, Level 2 35 Clarence Street Sydney 2000.

In limited circumstances MTM Legal may deny you access to your personal information.

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